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Commercial, Chemical &
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About Us

Process engineering from the grounds up.

Commercial, Chemical and Development is a hardcore chemical engineering consultancy company.

Core services include process design and implementation, detailed engineering, instrumentaion, technology evaluation, environmental engineering and turn key projects.

The company for the past 30 years is known for providing knowledge based solutions for the Chemical and allied industries. Innovation is part of the chemical engineering field, the success lies in collaborating innovation with principles of chemical engineering. CCDC excells in doing just that.

It is the firm belief at CCDC that application of chemical engineering principles, a greater application of knowledge base in fundermental disciplines coupled with economics can make revolutionary changes in the processes as practiced. The practise of applying these principles and knowledge base helps CCDC to give the most cost effective solution for a long term viability.

It is these commercially driven technological changes practised by CCDC that make it a successful chemical engineering consultancy company.

As a chemical engineering consultancy company, CCDC believes in "responsible care". Keeping in line with it's goal to promote environmentally safe plants while optimizing the use of resources, it has tied up with

The company is headed by Dr. Mohunta who has 45 years of experience in the Chemical industry.

Paper and Reports written by Dr. D. M. Mohunta

  • Alternate clean and economic energy source for the MORBI ceramic industry
  • Process intensification- a perspective
  • The effect of cheap gas and the consequence of costly gas - Chemical Weekly
  • Recent advances in air pollution control
  • Converting Biogas to CNG - feasibility
  • Removal of organic sulphur form gases - deep sulphur removal
  • Products, Processes & Innovation in Chemical industry- the path to commercial success.
  • Unconventional Energy Resources - a case for Rajasthan- setting up of refinery and also a power plant
  • Preventing an Ecological Disaster - the saving of Lake Qarun-Environment Science & Engineering.
  • Globally Competitive Chemical production- preventing an ecological disaster - saving of Lake Qarun - Environment Science and Engineering
  • Magnesium - how China beat rest of the World - Chemical Weekly
  • Chlorine release in bleach liquor manufacture - the danger of over chlorination - Chemical weekly
  • Process intensification - process for improving profitability and remaining Competitive - Chemical Weekly
  • Reactive Chemical Hazard - Environment Science & Engineering
  • The Bhopal Tragedy - the necessity for disaster planning. In house seminar of ONGC on safety.
  • Recovery of VOC from gaseous streams
  • Safety Study : Chemical Industry in Tamilnadu
  • Moisture in Chemical Process Industries - Chemical Weekly
  • Technological stagnation of India
  • Efficient of Energy and Energy Resources
  • Energy Savings A blue print for prosperity.
  • Classification and identification of agricultural chemicals
  • Safety and precautions for on-site and off-site emergencies including transportation of hazardous chemicals
  • Project profile for a merchant naphtha cracker unit in Tamilnadu, through CIA.
  • Effluent disposal and pollution control - some thoughts.
  • Safeguards against Bhopal type tragedy: a discussion :- Madras TV
  • Mining without Tears: a report on the status of implementation of mining laws in Tamilnadu.
  • Informatics and Consultancy
  • The status of chemical industrial development in Tamilnadu - 1986.
  • Plastics their applications in security.
  • Developing a perspective.plan for petrochemicals - for Kerala.
  • Observations on the report of the sub-panel on Chemical Engineering - Thrust areas in Chemical Engineering
  • Natural gas a source of chemicals - paper presented at the seminar National Growth Through Natural gas.
  • Carcinogenicity of Chemicals a Review- Indo-Pacific conference on Forensic Science and Legal medicine.
  • Nitric Acid, Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate - Chemical Business, 1989.
  • Course on thermal energy conservation - NITIE Bombay.
  • An approach to the southern gas grid - presentation to the Govt. of Kerala Cabinet, Pondicherry cabinet, etc.
VOC Recovery from Gaseous Streams
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Acetone Vapor Recovery - Operating Costs
Acetone Solvent Vapor Recovery - Operating Cost study of refrigeration, absorbtion and adsorbtion based systems.
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Print Machine Vapor Recovery - Operating Costs
Printing Solvent Vapor Recovery - Operating Cost study of absorbtion and adsorbtion based systems.
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